Best Paper Nominees

Vannevar Bush Best Paper Award (nominees)

  • Award Winner!Christof Bless, Ildar Baimuratov and Oliver Karras, SciKGTeX - A LaTeX Package to Semantically Annotate Contributions in Scientific Publications.
  • Michele Weigle, Michael Nelson, Sawood Alam and Mark Graham, Right HTML, Wrong JSON: Challenges in Replaying Archived Webpages Built with Client-Side Rendering.
  • Souvick Ghosh, Satanu Ghosh and Chirag Shah, Toward Connecting Speech Acts and Search Actions in Conversational Search Tasks.

Best Student Paper Award (nominees) - sponsored by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign School of Information Sciences

  • Award Winner!Lesley Frew, Michael Nelson and Michele Weigle, Making Changes in Webpages Discoverable: A Change-Text Search Interface for Web Archives.
  • Satvik Chekuri, Prashant Chandrasekar, Bipasha Banerjee, Sung Hee Park, Nila Masrourisaadat, Aman Ahuja, William Ingram and Edward Fox, Integrated Digital Library System for Long Documents and their Elements.
  • Timo Breuer, Christin Katharina Kreutz, Philipp Schaer and Dirk Tunger, Bibliometric Data Fusion for Biomedical Information Retrieval.

Best Short Paper (nominees)

  • Award Winner!Muntabir Hasan Choudhury, Lamia Salsabil, Himarsha R. Jayanetti, Jian Wu, William A. Ingram and Edward A. Fox, MetaEnhance: Metadata Quality Improvement for Electronic Theses and Dissertations of University Libraries.
  • Caitlin Burge, A King’s Counsel: A Network(ed) Approach; Digitizing the Privy Council Registers of Henry VIII, 1540-1547.
  • Haley Bragg, Himarsha Jayanetti, Michael Nelson and Michele Weigle, Less than 4% of Archived Instagram Account Pages for the Disinformation Dozen are Replayable.

Best Poster

  • Award Winner!Lyudmila Balakireva, Emily Escamilla, Talya Cooper, Michael L. Nelson, Michele C. Weigle, The Memento Tracer Toolset for Human-Guided Focused Crawling of Dynamic Web.